Centre Belles Dents Inc

The office at 7087 chateaubriand was transformed into a dental clinic in 1987. Since then we have been providing a charming and individualized service, multi/inter disciplinary, with state of art technology to all our patients. Many dental professionals, dentists, hygienists, technicians, denturistes and dental assistants, have worked at this local upkeeping the same high quality of service. Numerous changes, be it physical transformations in the office, or equipments allowing for a sate of the art practice with evolving proven methods and techniques clinically tested and routinely used. Specialist consultations second opinions and treatments as options or requirements in certain treatment plans, optimizing the treatments.  


The office on St-Jacques Street was opened in 2001. The prime objective, starting with a list of diagnostics and etiologies, after listening to the patient's concerns and consent in all respects of all treatment options with all inherent limitations and risks. Utilizing minimally invasive techniques , evidence and etiology based dentistry and common sense, treatments are rendered definitive. Furthermore we implicate the patient in his or her care for the best stability and prognostic of the treatment via at home care and subsequent follow ups, making prevention a form of treatment.

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