Teeth whitening: home with bleaching stences:, or in office: Bleaching-Prophy=prophylaxis with a mixture of pumice, baking soda and peroxide / 35% peroxide gel / Laser: Zoom2...............  


a) Bleaching-prophy

b) Home bleaching Kit via stense

c) In-office Bleaching with 35% peroxide

d) In-office bleaching by laser

Complet radiology : Numeric digital periapical, Bitewing. Panoramic and Cephalometric, frontal, X-Rays, Intra/extra oral pictures.


Crowns / Bridge /Onlays /Inlays or Veneers : On natural teeth, devitalised or implants: , Radica, IPS , Procera  etc. or ceramometalic.


Controled Sterilization with biological verifications.


Dentofaciale Orthopedics  Neuromuscular Orthodontics:fixed and all removable appliances,, OrthoCad, white or metalic  bracket systems, Insignia, Damon,  Invisible Braces: Invisalign, MTM, Occlus-o-Guide, Habit-Corrector, positioner , Divers dentofacial correctors , TAD (Temporay Anchrage Devices) , accelerated orthodontics: PROPEL


Electronic Insurance form transmission:CDA net, ASEQ : (During office hours: 9 AM-4:30PM). 


Emergency Visitemergengy/particular or complete exams: Routine informations, medical and dental revision:


Veneers: IPS , Procera , Radica or composite.


Oral surgery: Pose of dental implant, extraction of wisedom teeth, multiple infected teeth, roots, lesions


Gum treatments , ultrasonic or manual scaling,debridement and disinfection with topical or local ,anesthesia and antibiotic/antibacterial agents, surgical flaps with or without ostectomy, crown lengthening, gum grafts :Laterally displaced pedicule flaps, free soft  or connective tissue graft


Payment facility : Visa/MC/Interac/Financing : Desjardins: Accord D


Preventive Treatments: (prophylaxis, fluoride treatments), Perio Protect :, Individualised Daily Maintenance Instructions


Removable partial dentures, space maintainers: On natural teeth or implants. Acrylic, Chrom Nickel, Vitallium, Titanium, Eclipse .


Root canal treatment,:Manual, or mechanical: K3, Protaper, Revo-S.


Sports guard, Nightguard , periodontal, therapeutic splints, Occlusal plates,Occlus-o-Guard,  NTI: 


White  fillings: